Hello. My name is Todd Vogts. I am from Canton, Kan., and I am the future of online journalism.

This is one of my many Web sites that showcases my work and abilities. Please look through it and see what I am all about. You'll find I love journalism, specifically online and multimedia journalism.

When asked why I got into journalism, I always explain that it probably started because of smoking.

I helped deliver a weekly advertising publication when I was younger, and one night my friend and I finished with extra copies. We couldn’t return them, so we decided to burn them.

As we did so, I pretended to smoke one like a cigar, and I accidentally inhaled. In my naiveté, I panicked because I thought I would become addicted to smoking.

Obviously, that is not how the habit works, but I like to tell people I am addicted to journalism because of that night.

This addiction has led to my love affair with online journalism, and I have been pursuing such multimedia ventures in the media world since my freshman year of college.

During this time, I have developed many Web-related skills. These include site design, video and audio production, photography, graphic creation and writing for the Web, which includes linking to other online components so the story becomes more than static copy.

I have a wide range of journalism experience. I am currently the editor-in-chief and publisher of a monthly magazine featuring people, places and events in Kansas. It is called Asterisks Magazine.

Before that, I was a weekly newspaper in Kansas. I also have been editor-in-chief of two other publications, the webmaster of three publications, an online intern for a public relations firm, a site designer for various businesses and operator of several Web sites of my own.

Internships at various newspapers and public relations firms also have been beneficial. One newspaper editor even hired me as a weekly columnist after my internship with the publication was completed.

I am a self-starter. I started my own mobile disc jockey service after I graduated from high school, and I have been running the successful business ever since.

All of this culminates to one thing: I am the right person for the job. I have the drive and the know-how to help any media outlet continue its record of solid journalism, regardless of the medium.


Todd Vogts